Multi platform assessment to identify synergies and operational risks

Customer situation

  • Several business units developed software solutions on their own
  • Parallel developments and duplicate environment bind people for maintenance and increase especially costs of operations
  • To optimize cost structures, operations shall be bundled in one hand


  • 7 platforms need to be assessed
  • 4 months before the operational handover shall take place
  • Challenges and special characteristics of all platforms are widely unknown
  • Documentation and operational handbooks have to be assessed and unified
  • Development and operations are partly managed by third parties
  • High pressure to continue developments does not allow time to allow a sound handover

EACG solution approach

  • Provide a documentation kit to allow a common description of the platforms and their key characteristics
  • Collect and assess all existing materials and documentation
  • Prepare and conduct interviews with dedicated stakeholders of each solution
  • Provide detailed interview documentation and review together with inetrviewee
  • Provide summary containing operational risks and potential synergies

Custumer benefit

„We have had the challenge to take operational responsibility of 7 large web platforms within a short period of time. EACG supported us with a sound analysis, where they impressed with a structured but pragmatic and focused approach. The results layed the foundation for a new architecture awareness”

Jürgen Thoma, Manager IT (CIO)