Architecture review prevents huge program from failure


  • Projekt zur Erneuerung einer Alt-Software zeigt trotz intensiver Investitionen und externer Beratung keine vorzeigbaren Resultate 
  • Budget-Forecast zur Fertigstellung verdoppelt sich quartalsweise bis in den achtstelligen Bereich
  • Gegenüber Geschäftspartnern mussten bereits Zusagen über die Verfügbarkeit zurückgezogen werden


  • Organization is under pressure by the huge amount of external consultants requiring support and direction
  • Legacy systems operate partly in critical circumstances, operational alarms dominate the daily work
  • Conceptualization of the new, SAP based solution is in blue printing phase for several years already, but relevant decisions remain open
  • Program shall replace all infrastructure with a big bang

Solution approach

  • Constructive analysis of current solution approach
  • Intense Analysis of business requirements
  • Open communication of visions and ideas to development and product management teams creates buy-in
  • Design and development of an architecture vision and a corresponding target architecture following requirements
  • Compilation of a compact management report sumarizing the findings and communication to the board

Customer benefits

  • It became obvious that some major aspects for a sound re-conceptualization have been missing
  • A re-design of the program has been launched
  • Savings of several mil EUR
  • Prevented the rollout of a misleading concept and system design, which would have caused serious competitive disadvantage

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