Digital Tarnsformation

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Digital Transformation Maturity Model

Maturity models typically are a mixed blessing. On the one hand the really help to understand a situation and motivate initiatives. On the other hand, they tend to simplify. Despite the risks, we decided to come up with this model, to get hold of this ubiquitous but very blurry topic.

With this model we provided a few hard criteria to assess the state of an organization in the context of Digital Transformation. The visualisation of the discrepancy between your score and the score of a Digital Champion will help, to identify the relevant priorities for a successful Digital Transformation.

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Digital Maturity Model Dimensions

Based on our expertise, our knowlegde about Digital Champions and the insight into many organizations, we have developed this model. It comprises the following five dimensions:

  1. Vision
  2. Culture
  3. Finances
  4. Organization
  5. Technology

The correct vision

Key to success for each initiative or organization is its vision of the common goal. The more clear and the better aligned the common understanding of the goal, the simpler it will be to organize a decentralized, efficient team.

Digital Champions own this capability at the core of their DNA. A clear vision and the ability to make their employees understand and willing to achieve it. Most of their strength and speed Digital Champions generate from this conformity.

A sound culture

Besides the joint vision also the way to treat and work together is a pillar of success. Cultures not allowing failure or autocratic regimes may compete for a while, but they will not achieve in the long term as the excellent people will leave due to missing space for development. Digital Champions mobilize the competencies and capabilities of their employees. A sound and open culture is a relevant aspect.

A robust financing

Financing and budgeting are serious hurdles when it comes to reactivity and speed. Technology, staff development, testing and market access are expensive endeavors. The corporate budget must allow such spending. Restrictive budgeting processes are almost bound to terminate digital initiatives sooner or later. To prosper a digital model a more funding like approach might be required.

An efficient organization

The capability to achieve of an organization is always an asset. Tenacious information flows, political partisanship or endless meetings with thousands of participants rarely are signs of productivity. Digital Champions have efficient structures in place to overcome such obstacles and streamline work productivity. This in turn, motivates and activates the good people to stay.

A flexible technology platform

Finally the technology platform, the assembly of capabilities is another key to success. However you do not require the latest tech only to score in this dimension. Well crafted and tailored legacy systems may become the heart of digital capabilities the same way as powerful modern approaches. You just need to align it correctly. If you know your tools and your goals, you will be able to achieve them even with less high end. But you need to know how. Do not hesitate contacting us to clarify this!

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Chances and Limitations of the Model

This model has been introduced to provide a few handles allowing to get a grip on the amorphous topic of “Digital Transformation“. Thus the model is not designed to assess all details of a specific organization. But it allows to reliably identify priorities of a Digital Transformation.

It is less the single aspect than the sum of its pieces, which make the success.

Our observations derive, that successful organizations present a well-balanced net. The overall volume grows with growing maturity. A high value at one dimension does not compensate a minimal value of another factor.