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What is Enterprise Integration?

Enterprise Integration is the art to let data flow seamlessly across the different system silos enabling your company to act and respond to external demands in an agile way.

Providing the right data at the right time in the right place, is the result of good Enterprise Integration

Good integration concepts allow event based information propagation, in near or even real time. This requires a well architected environment and modern techniques. For new solutions, this simply has to be made correct. But realising this requirement in brown field (legacy) environments requires expertise.


EACG Integration Services Offering

Enterprise Integration Services

Design, Build and Operate your Enterprise Integrations with blended EACG teams combine the best of both worlds for a maximum customer benefit.

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EACG Blended Teams – for the best performance cost benefit

Our specially trained integration teams blend the benefits from local consulting combined with remote implementation resources. The advantages of both worlds can be unleashed through years of joint work and integration experiences without the need to step into cultural gaps.

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