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The interactive, steadily growing eBook on Digital Transformation (ISBN 978-3-9816864-2-5)


Experience activated – a new form of “book”

The Digital Transformation is on everyone’s agenda, even already on the political one. Yet the Internet is not new. What is new is its expansion into all the objects surrounding us and the opportunities this creates. This will lead to changes: today’s demanding tasks and activities may become obsolete, new tasks will become necessary.

In this book, the authors show which patterns of action are behind the changes and in this first version they give insights into how companies should behave in order to adapt to the change or to help shaping a future. The train has not yet left the station!

This book is an ideal example of how things will change through digitalization. It will be more dynamic. With every month new chapters will be written, new topics will be added to the book. The authors invite their readers to a dialogue to clarify questions interactively and to prioritize or discuss the chapters still to be written. Let us surprise you!

ISBN 978-3-9816864-2-5, eBook, approx. 60 pages or 165,000 characters


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