APT28 shows activity again!

New Vulnerability in parse-url!

Connectivity of OT devices needs more attention...

Do you need a break?

Or just the right priorities?

Read, how Cyber Defense Matrix may help you...


Can you say with certainty that your company is well protected against threats from the network? Are the OT systems sufficiently separated from the IT systems? Have the risks to the business been correctly assessed?

EACG supports you in determining the assets worth protecting, assessing the risks, identifying and implementing suitable protective measures. Whether in the context of basic IT protection or the NIST Cyber Security Framework, our experts will help you to develop and establish an IT security management system tailored to the size of your company.

Never put a 10 dollar lock on a 5 dollar bicycle!

What makes us special is that we aim to develop pragmatic, risk-compliant solutions. Our experts know the technologies and solutions for which they define controls. This helps to keep the InfoSec Management System lean, focused and cost-efficient.

Learn how to profit from applying the Cyber Defense Matrix in securing your organisation!

Sichern Sie Ihre Software Supply Chain!

Software Supply Chain Security and Secure Software Development

Software development itself is also increasingly becoming a target for cyber criminals. After all, the prospect of achieving a multitude of attack opportunities by compromising a single library only seems attractive!
Whether through manipulated open source components or dependency confusion, the approaches are many and varied.

EACG supports you in setting up or implementing appropriate measures to ensure the security of your software supply chains or your software artefacts, to raise them to a new SLSA level, or to make your organisation ISO 5230 compliant. Contact our experts for:

  • Establishing an Open Source Programme Office (OSPO).
  • Developing an Open Source Policy
  • Establishing secure software development according to SLSA
  • Automation of security checks in the CI/CD chain

In order to sustainably integrate the results of this work into your company, we have created TrustSource, an ISO 5230-compliant process support solution that helps you to develop and document your software in an ISO-compliant manner with minimal effort throughout the whole company. The integration of all necessary capabilities for automation is extraordinary and unique in European vendor landscape.

You export Software in the USA and have to follow EO 14028 (05/21)? You have to create SBOMs and ask how to integrate this with your Software-Life-Cycle-Management?



Cloud Security

Are you already operating systems in the cloud? Do you want to know how secure your systems are? Or are you already starting to lose track of the cloud systems? Can you be sure that all cloud systems are still in use?

EACG can help you with both the identification and security monitoring of your active cloud systems. With the help of our continuous, automated system monitoring, we can detect inadequately configured or open systems, or check systems for correct configuration. Our experts will help you to establish a sound Cloud Governance and secure Cloud Operations.

Learn how to continuously monitor Cloud Compliance