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Open Source Strategy

Open source solutions increasingly dominate the market for software solutions. Look at Docker, OpenShift, Mongo or Kafka, many open source solutions lead their segment.

This has reasons! Unleash the benefits of open source strategies for your company:

  • Trust – Huawei is open sourcing its operating system to build trust
  • Accessability – to reduce entry barriers OpenChain standardizes requiremnst for open source management
  • Independence – Endress & Hauser founded and leads the Open Industry Alliance to join forces and develop independence from Tech corps.
  • Acceptance – BOSCH decided on strategic level to open source its IoT-Plattform to grow acceptance over other solutions.
  • Resource efficiency – SAP decided to opensource their User Interface (UI5) to enrich the base of testers and security assessments.

The list of examples could be continued, the benefits of open source are manifold. But open source is no “free lunch”. What it takes to initiate a successful open source project, which conditions are required and what kind of organization you will need, so that you may profit from this model, you may learn in a workshop with our experts.

Your are planning an Open Source Strategy but are not sure about the consequences? Assess different options in a workshop with our experts!

Open Source Governance

Across the whole software value chain the use of open source generates new tasks and responsibilities. This does not only include the users of open source but all value chain members:

  • Do you have the right bodies set up to overview the correct use of open source across all your delivery lines?
  • Does your organization possess the right skills to manage open source?
  • Are processes and tools set up to identify the usage of open source?
  • Is your purchase department sufficiently tasked to respect the open source requirements?
  • Know your employees what to respect when contributing to third party projects?

EACG – member of the OpenChain working groups – supports you to position your organization correctly and achieve OpenChain conformance.

Do you already benefit from the Open Source advantage but are not sure whether your documentation complies with legal requirements or how to ensure this cost efficient?
Talk to us!

You are searching for a cost-efficient way to automate your Governance process and free your developers form legal tasks?

Open Source Analysis

What is implemented? Which components are linked? Did the latest update of a third party package introduce new dependencies? How secure are they?

We do scan several thousand components on a daily base, we assess changes with our crawlers, check for known vulnerabilities and udpates. We deliver all this knowledge to our customers as consulting or managed service.

Open Source managed by Open Source. TrustSource is the first complete, OpenChain-conformant risk management solution for managing Open Source, that itself is Open Source.






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