Did you ever think about...

... why 1 litre Coke cost you about 1.5 EUR in the supermarket...

... 4.6 EUR at a station kiosk...

... or 12 EUR at a restaurant?

Congrats! then you have understood the Value Spot Concept!

If not, you might want to learn more here!

Digital business models focus on the customer and use information about the customer, to generate customer insight and to derive valuable services for them.

Traditional model

Traditional business models typically describe a straight forward relation between  vendor and consumer. In most cases both participants have a transactional understanding of the business relation. They exchange services or goods versus money.

In good cases the vendor identifies a context, where he may serve or deliver on a recurring base, allowing to sell without further sales activity.

Digital models

I a digital world the pair of service vs. payment diverge. Often a basic or core service with a minimal value ensures a piece of attention of the consumer creating a first relation. This must not already be in exchange of money but at minimum for information

Based on this information insight should be derived tp generate additional values – e.g. automated process management or individual fulfillment. These add-on services create the Value Spot.

Point of origin for all value creation is the customer and his demand, not a technical capability or service.

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