Pan-european rollout of cross-border service "Import-Express-Online"

Customer situation

  • paket business operates at low margins
  • product management sees cross-border-delivery as differentiating competency
  • Import-Express-Services has been born:
    • Co-operation of different country organisations necessary
    • Original implementation form the US not suited  for european multinational backends


  • Distributed environment: Product management located at Phoenix/Arizona (US), IT-Operations at Praha (CZ), Development in Malysia (MY)
  • 26 European countries (P&L responsible) need to get bought in for the new product
  • ntegration of country-specific operational procedures (pickup & delivery) as well as local backends required
  • Establish an internationationaly accepted charging and compensation model needs to be agreed and implemented

Solution approach

  • Analysis of success factors for an EMEA-rollout
  • Identification of lead countries and development of a success study.
  • Support during development
  • Identification of technical gaps and organizing corresponding solutions during rollout
  • Design of missing system components for the pan-European rollout

Customer benefit

  • Implementation of a prototype in selected countries motivated other countries to participate
  • Design of missing system components allows quick resolution of gaps and thus allows the pan European rollout to take place
  • Demonstration of benefits, development and design of international acocunting model as well as suitable marketing materials brings countries to the table

You need to rollout a solution in an international context and want to ensure that it will succeed?