We are delighted to announce the closer co-operation between SCANOSS – the … – and TrustSource – the SaaS solution for managing your open source compliance and security.
SCANOSS ( provides a 360-degree visibility of Open Source risk though the largest and most comprehensive database of known Open Source. All software provided by SCANOSS is Open Source, from the first multi-platform auditing app, to the various CLIs and CI/CD integrations.
TrustSource ( )supports the management of the compliance process across all sizes of organisations. It is tuned to integrate with the development process and support developers to identify and discover all special cases whether on the legal or the security side. It’s legal solver supports the identification of obligations and legal violations depending on the use case, it’s reports and automation allow compliance managers to distribute their work into developer’s hands while keeping the overview along the lifecycle of every solution or automatically generate the required compliance artefacts.
“Open Source Intelligence is a key to manage Open Source Risk. By tapping into SCANOSS’ Knowledgebase, TrustSource can retrieve usage of cryptographic algorithms which is key input to the ECCN classification required for Export Control”, say Julian Coccia, CTO of SCANOSS.
„Correct data is key to sound compliance. Having access to the SCANOSS database will be a huge benefit in time and money for every OSPO. I am verry happy, that we may offer this unique asset now to our customers.“, say Jan Thielscher, CEO of EACG, the company behind TrustSource. „SCANOSS data and our process automation will make every OSPO slim and efficient.“
Come and get a short demonstration at the SCANOSS booth B.19@Open Source Summit Europe in Dublin, Sept 14th-15th. You may book a demo slot here ( or just come by whenever it suits you best and join another demo. 

Come and meet us in Dublin @booth B.19

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